Tips From A New Mom

I wish someone would have given me a spreadsheet of everything I can expect as a new mom, I was caught off guard with a hell of a lot of things and most were general, every day things that me, being so new to it, had no idea about!

I have a fair few pregnant friends at the moment and whilst every mom is different and every experience is different, I wanted to give my tips from a new mom perspective.

All I am hoping to get out of this is for 1 less new mom to panic.

1. Rashes Can Be Normal.

When Mia was a couple of weeks old, we were going an evening feed and I noticed a rash all over her face, arms, body and spreading down her legs slowly. I went into a blind blooming panic! I called my mom, I called NHS 111, I call my partner – eventually I just took her to the walk in centre at the hospital because my mind was doing cartwheels.

Mia’s rash was viral, in a baby that young there is absolutely nothing they can do for a viral infection, baby has to fight it themselves and nothing you do will make it go away before its ready and that is ok. The doctor told me to do the disappearing method, if you spot a rash, run your thumb over it applying slight pressure (obviously not hard, don’t hurt baby!) if the rash disappears, it is probably nothing to worry about, if it doesn’t then get them to the doctors or walk in centre.

Also I was reminded that babies skin needs quite a long time to get used to the air and their environment, they have been cooped up all snug as a bug in your womb for the last 9 months, give them chance to adjust haha.

2. Teething Can Start At Any Point.

Mia was inconsolable at around 4-5 weeks old and we couldn’t figure out why, she would scream and scream and I just thought thats what babies did but my motherly instinct was telling me it was something wrong. I was sleep deprived and exhausted, she had been screaming for around half an hour and I started crying with her, my partner decided to suggest giving her some teething gel that had been given to me at my baby shower, this particular brand can be given from birth every 20 minutes so it is quite mild stuff. I applied the gel and after 15 minutes she was sound asleep!

She has teethed on and off for the past nearly 7 months now. I wish teeth would just appear already!

3. Bright Red Bum Isn’t Scary.

I didn’t know this until it happened to me and that was Mia’s bum going a disturbing shade of red, bright red! I changed her nappy one day and it was so red, I called my mom (as I do with everything!) and she told me that it can happen when baby is teething because of all the extra saliva, I was warned that is can get very very bad and even blister in some cases. My original thought before talking to my mom was that I wasn’t changing her nappy frequently enough but I was so relieved to find out it wasn’t my fault. I think that happens a lot in motherhood, we blame ourselves and some things are out of our control. Anyway Sudacream is a life saver and a MUST!

4. Get Baby Into A Routine.

For me routine is everything. It keeps my mind clear and I don’t get panicky and flustered and forget anything important. Mia has been in a solid routine since she was born! Obviously the routine changes with every new stage but we have worked to a routine because it allows me to plan my day around her needs and keeps me from forgetting anything if we are headed out or when she goes to the childminders. Routine from day 1 is a brilliant thing to have and eases the stress of everything that comes with a new baby.

5. Advice Is Just that.

Advice is advice. It isn’t Law. You can choose to take advice or leave it, its your baby!

I had a health visitor come and inspect my home when Mia was little and to be honest she did rip me quite a bit on a number of things like; having a prep machine is apparently bad, having pets in the house, having her moses basket so close to my bed etc. It wasn’t until she left and I’d had a good cry I realised that Mia was fine! She was happy and healthy so why was I worried, I didn’t change a thing and now I still use the prep machine and she is healthy, she loves the pets more than anything in the world, she’s obsessed and she sleeps in a cot next to my bed and sleeps through the night.

I hope this helped you in some way and I hope you have a great day or night where ever you are!

Emm xoxo

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