Vice Nails Gel Nail Polish | Review

I was incredibly lucky to team up with an amazing brand for this post. As I am new to nails and completely self taught, I started with gel nail polish manicures. I have been trying a number of brands recently and cannot wait to give you reviews on those but this brand is by far my favourite so I couldn’t wait to share these with you.

I was asked by Vice Nails to choose 4 colours, base coat and top coat to try so I chose 3 very nude colours and one bright (which is typical me!).

My initial reaction when I opened the package was that I absolutely loved the bottles! They have the colour of the polish in a little blob display at the top of the lid, which makes finding the colour the client wants so much easier and the rest of the bottle is black, which I find extremely classy and I love how they look displayed. The bottles feed extremely sturdy/durable and they have the colour name on the front of the bottle (I also love that they name their colours rather than number them).

I have used these polishes on a few clients and also on myself. I find the brush extremely easy to use because it isn’t too big to where I cover the skin in polish and have to spend 5 minutes cleaning the fingers up, but it holds enough product when wiped off to create the perfect thin layer of colour.

The colours do need building up if you want an opaque finish but I have found that with all gel polishes because they are made to be layered, however there are 2 colours I got that are absolutely gorgeous both layered up and on their own which are ‘Popping Candy’ and ‘Sunset Sparkle’.

Nude Knickers & Popping Candy
Nude Knickers, Popping Candy & Sunset Sparkle
Wildfire & Sunset Sparkle

Just a little bit of information about the company;

  • They are a relatively new company, they opened late 2016 but they have already got an exceptional rage of colours and finishes to choose from.
  • They constantly offer 3 for £10 for selected colours which are always changing so it is a perfect way for a beginner (like me!) to build up a great collection.
  • Their gel polishes retail for anywhere between £5-£6 depending on the colours you choose.
  • There are so many collections to choose from such as; The Pearls, The Sparkles and The Solids, there are 8 collections all together and it makes finding your perfect colour soooooo easy.
  • You can checkout using Paypal, which I personally love because it means you are always protected in case something goes wrong (don’t worry, their customer service is incredible!).
  • Free delivery over £30!
  • You are able to return any unused/unopened gel polished for 365 days… You have an entire year to return colours if for any reason you change your mind or don’t use a colour you bought.

I will 100% continue to buy from this brand and support this brand because I absolutely adore their range and cannot wait to grow my collection with them!

I hope you check out their website and try some colours for yourself!

They always have amazing offers and deals going on so make sure you go back and check whats new and whats going on – if you are unsure, try starting with their 25% off sale and treat yourself just to give them a chance!

I hope you have a great day or night wherever you are.

Emm xoxo

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