My Favourite Ways To Relax #2

I know a lot of people typically like to have a bath with 1000 candles to relax but honestly I’m so easily pleased that relaxing and unwinding comes very easily.

Now that autumn is here and its getting colder I feel way more in my element, I find relaxing when its colder so much easier – I really hope that makes sense!

Just a quick disclaimer – the photography sucks but hopefully you’ll get the jist of what I am trying to say haha


  1. Light a candle

So I know I said i’m not 10000 candle type of person but 1 candle with a very warm scent is all I need. The lighting that comes from a candle instantly warms me from the inside out, the flickering warm light just sets such a relaxing mood, I don’t have to explain!

This is such a great smell for autumn/winter time, I know it says ‘festive’ which might make you think of Christmas but don’t worry, I am not a spicy/cinnamon smelling kind of person, I like warm scents but nothing like that. This is subtle but still warming.


2. Grab a cosy blanket

I HAVE to be comfortable, if i’m not comfortable I cannot relax and everybody knows it. I got this big cosy, fleece type blanket off my nan last year and sadly she isn’t with us anymore so it just makes snuggling up to it, that little bit more special.

This fleece style blanket grips on to everything and annoyingly I cant put it in the washing machine (it causes all kinds of issues!), so there are bits and fluff and animal fur buried it in but it feels and smells like home to me so I really don’t care. If you haven’t already, you need to find yourself a blanket like this!


3. Cheeky glass of juice

I recently found the most PERFECT drink at Aldi, it is called ‘Watermelon Cocktail’ and when I next go to Aldi I will share a picture on my insta-story. You really need to try this, its like a fizzy wine that doesn’t taste like wine it tastes like watermelon, its perfect if you don’t like the taste of alcohol and also it is very weak, its not like a hard core wine so having a glass on a week night isn’t such a bad thing if its necessary.

Oh by the way – feet up is an absolute MUST!

4. Put on a film

For me, autumn brings an excuse to watch my favourite romantic film for the season. I mentioned it in my ‘autumn tag’ post but it’s called ‘Autumn Dreams’ and its available on Netflix, I am not going to give the story away but seriously it melts my heart, makes me warm inside, makes me smile… everything a feel good film could do.

I am definitely a comedy girl at heart but when I need to relax and just chill, I love a good romance film. If you have any good ones that you think I should watch, please comment them!


I hope you are having a very relaxing day or night where ever you are,

Emm xoxo

25 Replies to “My Favourite Ways To Relax #2”

  1. I need to buy a candle and I wasn’t sure what to get! I am going to have to find and smell this festive one and see if I like it!! 💕


  2. I’m exactly the same! Light a candle, comfy blanket… maybe some wine instead of juice hahaha. Sounds so chilled, we all need to have a nice autumn relaxation night 💖💖 Happy relaxing!! Lots of love, Lavrax xxx


  3. Sounds like the makings for a perfect evening! I have blankets everywhere in my house…candles too! So cozy!


  4. Great post! I love relaxing!! I run one place to another most days and love the chance to just sit and decompress. Love hearing about people’s routines to relax. Thanks for sharing!!
    xoxo, Michelle 🌷


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