Skin Care Routine #3

Good evening!

I have recently been very into my skin care because I tend to have a lot of no-makeup days, this has made me really invest in my skin care and take notice of the things that my skin has so desperately needed.

I am a bit gutted because I do have a quick, short video of me doing my skin care routine so that I wouldn’t have to do a sugar ton of typing and you wouldn’t have to do a sugar ton of reading but unfortunately unless your willing to pay for a premium WordPress account, you cant upload videos!

So here goes my single product pictures and long winded explanation –

  • Makeup Wipes

I always start by taking off the bulk of my makeup with a wipe because it makes the rest of the process so much easier for me. I hate scrubbing at my face too hard because it just isn’t nice and leaves my face quite sore, so a makeup wipe takes off the bulk of my face, eyeshadow and eyebrows.


  • Loreal Milk Cleanser

I love this cleanser because it is so bloomin gentle and it smells heavenly! I like to use this on a cotton pad and distribute it around my face and then use a clean pad to rub it in and remove the leftover makeup. I then use a pump for each of my eyes to remove all the mascara because I hate scrubbing at my eyes – it causes wrinkles.


  • Garnier Toner

When I first started out in makeup I was always taught to cleanse, tone and moisturise because cleansing removes all the crap, toning rebalances the pH levels in the skin and moisturising is just amazing in every way. I use this specific toner because it is for combination skin which I have and it smells nice, its also very gentle.


  • Botanics Serum

I have only just recently gotten into using serums because I ran out of my Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair which is my holy grail but I cannot justify that price! I found a brilliant one by Botanics which is supposed to boost radiance and I have to be honest, I have seen a massive difference in my skin after using this for almost a month. I use a small drop on 5 parts of my face; forehead, cheeks, nose & chin, then I will rub it in gently until it becomes tacky and I will pat the rest in until its dried down.


  • Botanics Night Moisturiser

This is such a brilliant moisturiser – it is thick but not so much that you feel like your drowning in it, it dries down fairly quickly (I hate when moisturisers leave a oily/wet layer on your skin), a little bit goes a very long way and I also love to massage this down my neck and on my lips. It is such a brilliant moisturiser and I often use this first thing in the morning if I am not wearing makeup for the day because it keeps my skin perfect.


  • Olay Eye Cream

I have to apply eye cream. One of my serious fears is getting wrinkly eyes so I try and take good care of them with masks, creams and treatments as often as I can. This one is gorgeous, it is a clear gel and you can feel the cooling effects as you are rubbing it in. You do not need a lot and I like to rub it in using my ring fingers because I was told at uni that they are the gentlest fingers… no idea if thats true but it stuck in my head.

Autumn is my favourite time to get into skin care because the results are amazing, you can get results from good skin care within the first week rather than needing to wait and wait to see results.

I hope your having a great skin day where ever you are,

Emm xoxo

16 Replies to “Skin Care Routine #3”

  1. Oh my gosh compared to you I don’t do much for my skin at all! It’s definitely something I have to do… I only use a Seaweed cleanser from the Body Shop and that’s pretty much it! Sometimes I use a microdermabrasion cleanser by Mary Kay and then a pore minimizer or a Charcoal mask but that’s as far as I go…


  2. All of these products sound amazing! Personally, I don’t wear makeup at all so a good face wash with my Clean & Clear & some moiturizer does the trick all year round.


  3. This makes my skincare routine feel so tiny! I definitely need to invest a little more time in it, and I’ve always wanted to try botanics stuff but I feel like there’s something about it putting me off, but this has definitely encouraged me to try some 🙂 Also I loooove that L’oreal make up remover! I love being nosy for other people’s skincare thank you for sharing!! – Lots of love, Lavrax at xxx


  4. You should really try and get yourself a full routine – you’ll notice a massive difference with cleansing, toning and moisturising alone!


  5. Haha don’t be silly! Honestly try it, it’s on offer in boots at the minute so get it while it’s on offer – yeah I love this cleanser so much and me too xxx


  6. I’m only just getting into skincare too, so this post was really helpful! It’s hard to know what to use and what everything does when you’re first starting out. I’m a bit cynical so I’m always looking at it like “but does it REALLY do anything???”. Reading this it’s good to know that skincare products are actually worth it if you get the right ones 🙂


  7. Oh absolutely! I am exactly the same especially when something is pricey, I promise you, a decent cleanser, toner and moisturiser will change your skin but if you add a serum or oil then you’ll have really amazingly results!


  8. I’m not sure if I’ve commented on this already but I don’t mind saying it again … all those products look lovely. I don’t have a great routine at the moment, but the things I’m using are all No7 from Boots because I got some money off vouchers.

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  9. I am guilty of not having a daily routine for skin care but you’ve made it sound so easy and simple. I don’t wear makeup because that would mean I have to wake up earlier than I have to **don’t judge me please LOL** I am looking for a good cleanser though so I might have to take your idea on that one. I’ll let you know how it goes – wish me luck on being consistent lol.


  10. If my baby didn’t wake me up 1.5 hours before I need to be at work I probably wouldn’t wear makeup either so no judgement here! Honestly I found that I absolutely LOVED the overall feeling I had once I’d done the routine, it relaxed me, I felt clean and it just made me feel good and ready to wind down so that’s the only reason I’ve stayed consistent


  11. I do nothing for my skin! I’ve never been able to get in the hang of it or find the right balance! It seems every time I tried, I would break out 😥😥😥

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  12. That’s awful, keep going! Breakouts are sometimes the skin care pulling all the shit out first and then you’ll get the clear skin after x


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