Just A Reminder #4

Today’s post is just a little reminder to everyone who may not be having a great day/week/month – I just want to say, things will get better.

I truly believe that you are in control of every aspect of your life, if you want something then you have to get off your arse and make it happen, don’t sit around waiting for good things to come to you – you need to earn them!

Instead of spending your weekends at a club getting drunk off your nut looking for ‘love’, find a hobby, something you honestly enjoy and by doing that hobby and sharing it, you’ll stumble across someone who has the same interests as you which is the perfect start to building that foundation. I’m not saying you aren’t aloud to go out and enjoy yourselves but looking for ‘love’ in a club isn’t exactly easy or trustworthy, lets be honest.

If you are having money troubles, look for alternatives. Start your own business, do some overtime, find a new job, take a course so you can get a better job… the possibilities are endless and the only thing stopping you is you!

I am surrounded by people in my life who always tell me my ‘options’ even if they aren’t the ones I want to hear, they are options – a lot of people say ‘I have no choice’ but really you do, you have plenty of choices, you just don’t necessarily want to choose one of them because they don’t lead to the perfect scenario in your head but sometimes we have to take the shitty choices to get to the incredible ones.

I  hope I am making sense but its just something I feel so strongly about – in YOUR life, YOU are in charge. If YOU don’t like something then it is up to YOU to change that! No one else can live your life for you.

I hope my little reminder has opened your eyes and made you think a little bit today 🙂

Emm xoxo

16 Replies to “Just A Reminder #4”

  1. Sometimes if starting something new seems overwhelming then it can help to break it down into smaller steps.

    A great post though and full of energy! Everyone needs a reminder like this now and then.


  2. Emm, this is a wonderful post, such important reminders!! I needed this today. Thank you!


  3. Absolutely I couldn’t agree with you more, taking that first step is always the scariest I understand – I have a bit of an emotional outpour so decided to channel it into a post – thank you for your feedback x

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  4. Well said Emm 💗 I love when you said “Instead of spending your weekends at a club getting drunk off your nut looking for ‘love”. It’s so true! People just have to look at their situations from another angle 😊

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  5. A few years ago I would have totally disagreed with this, but since quitting a job I felt stuck in, going travelling with money that I have saved up myself, finding a new job that gives me great work life balance, and earning enough money to be kind of alright each month, I have to say I 100% agree now! Not only do you have to go out and work for the life you want, you’ve also got to put yourself out there and ask for the things you want. I learnt this when I got offered a new job on a much higher salary, only to have my current company offer me more to stay! Now what if I’d just asked for that a year ago, eh?!

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  6. So motivational and inspiring. Tough times come and go and its important that we remember to stay strong and be open minded to things. Definitely needed this, thank you!

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