Candy & Your Teeth | Geraldine Talks Guest Post #7


We’re nearly a week into October and surely you’ve probably noticed the stores are already fully stocked, top to bottom, with chocolates and other candy goods. Soon, before you know it, it’ll be Halloween and the streets will be filled with little and old Trick-or-Treaters, eager to fill their baskets with delicious sweets!

That’s fun and all, but REMEMBER: this is also a time when your teeth are at risk for developing cavities because of all the candy! Whether you’ll be a Trick-or-Treater, or your child will be a Trick-or-Treater, OR you’ll just elect to take advantage of the deep candy discounts and indulge in them at home this Fall season, here are things to keep in mind and some tips to help maintain good oral health.


Drink plenty of water!

Hydration is important for your body and helps with washing away some food from your teeth.

Please floss. It really helps.

You would be surprised at what stuff you find lodged between your teeth if you floss! Parts of candy can get stuck in between your teeth and in areas where a toothbrush just won’t be able to reach. Flossing helps remove those little pieces and cleans beneath the gum line, thus helping prevent cavities from forming between the teeth!

Do remember to brush your teeth before you go to bed.

Maybe you’ll be out late at night. Surely, you could spare 2 minutes to brush your teeth before hitting the hay! That’s all it really takes. Brushing your teeth thoroughly for 2 minutes will help remove most of the left over chocolates / candy from your teeth. Take more time to brush the chewing surfaces especially your molars! We all have ridges, bumps and pits on our molars; some have deeper pits and ridges than others. Food gets trapped in there all the time, so if you know you’re chewing on something sticky like taffy or gummy bears, it’s essential to spend extra time scrubbing them. The stickier the candy, the more time you should spend brushing!

Have fun and enjoy yourself out there but remember to take care of your teeth! 

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5 Replies to “Candy & Your Teeth | Geraldine Talks Guest Post #7”

  1. These are some top tips, coming from someone who has experienced cavities before! Super important to keep you dental hygiene up!


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