The Tiny Moments #10

The tiny momentsGood evening sweetie!
Thank you for joining me, I had such a lovely mommy moment last night and I just felt like sharing it with you.

Last night in a whole was pretty awful, my baby girl is poorly and last night saw, what I can only hope, was the brunt of it.
She was awake every couple of hours, inconsolable, it was breaking my heart more and more the longer it went on (I took her to the doctors this morning and she has a throat and ear infection :/).

However, in between those horrible, heart wrenching screams came the most incredible mom moments I’ve felt in a while – she feel asleep gripped onto me, snuggled into me, for the first time since she was 2-3 months old. My heart skipped a bloomin beat!

I absolutely adore my baby girl, she’s my best friend and soul mate, she’s hilarious and sassy and the most incredible little person but she is also very independent already. This means I hardly ever get cuddles or snuggles and I genuinely feel like a snack machine most days – but last night, she needed me.
I have become her favourite person in the world right now because she associates me with making her feel better or comfort or whatever the hell it may be. In those moments, when she was snuggled up to me, fast asleep, it felt like my heart took a picture so I could remember exactly how I felt and take it with me forever.
I was sat at work this morning and was worrying like mad, waiting for a doctor to call me back and I just remembered that moment and it was like every negative emotion just melted away. I sound like a right pleb, I know, but if you have ever had one of these moments that has genuinely put a stamp on your heart please let me know!

I hope you have a great day or night where ever you are!

Emm xoxo

10 Replies to “The Tiny Moments #10”

  1. That is such a wonderful moment Emm! Im not a mom so I don’t know the feeling of that but seeing it through your eyes makes me feel like I’ve seen it all! Nothing closer than the bond between mother and child :))

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  2. What a sweet story!❤️ I truly believe that life is made up of tiny moments, and happiness comes from the ability to recognize them. ❤️

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  3. 😍😍😍 Such a beautiful moment! One of the most important jobs of a mother is to be our children’s comfortable place. It is such a rewarding job even when it is difficult!

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