How I Stay Positive #11

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Well Hello!
After having a week from hell last week and then another night/day from hell the other day I sat and questioned how I was even getting up in the morning – I realised I actually have a really positive outlook on life and I do certain things to keep myself positive without even realising it, so I thought its only fair I share them!

1. Stay off Facebook
So I say Facebook specifically because so much triggering, heartbreaking, bull gets shared on Facebook and honestly it does nothing but install all the anxiety I worked so hard to get rid of, back into me. I have to be in a specific state of mind to scroll through Facebook because I have to prepare myself for the nonsense.

2. Watch a funny programme/film
I LOVE comedy!
Comedy brings such brightness to my life, I have an obsession with comedians like Lee Evans, Kevin Heart, Jon Richardson, Romesh Ranganathan, Trevor Noah – I honestly could go on and on. I have to watch something that puts a smile on my face, as long as I end the day with a smile, I am able to get out of bed the next morning just fine.

3. Speak to my loved ones
I am lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing people who keep me grounded and help me work out any issues before I get to the point of a breakdown. I find myself reaching out to different people for different situations because I know the people who will help me best. I also have an amazing partner who is forever reminding me that I am not doing this alone, I can talk to him about everything and anything and he has the power to change my mindset in minutes (even though he can talk for hours).

4. Focus on the silver lining
A perfect example of what I mean by this is my last post – my baby girl was so poorly, not sleeping, I was shattered, the day/night was pretty darn awful but I got baby cuddles that I never get anymore, I got the day off from work to snuggle with her and watch films together, I got an overwhelming sense of accomplishment when I finally heard her adorable little laugh after being inconsolable for so long. On the outside the whole situation was reason enough for me to lose it completely but I couldn’t because it wasn’t all bad – I use this mindset in EVERYTHING I do.

5. Rid yourself of negative people
I understand some negative people you cannot completely get rid of in your life but if you make a point of minimising the time you spend with those people, you will see a huge difference in the way you look at situations. I cut a lot of negative people out this year because I just don’t have time for it and now I find myself in a bit of a sticky situation with my career but I am so optimistic, I refuse to look at it as a shit situation because there really is so much potential for me if I just stay positive.

I hope this helped and wasn’t just me waffling on and boring you.
Emm xoxo

13 Replies to “How I Stay Positive #11”

  1. So true about getting off facebook, for me that’s generally all of social media because there are so many things that just trigger you when you’re already feeling low. And I love watching comedy too! Friends is definitely my go-to feel-good background show for when I need some comfort. I hope you’re following all of this advice, amazing advice, and trying to stay positive yourself my lovely! I could definitely do with more positivity right now. Lots of love! xxx

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  2. Facebook just isn’t what it used to be. There so much negativity that even I can’t hardly stand it anymore. And it’s always helpful to find the good in things. It keeps us from losing ourselves. Great post!

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  3. Some great tips here, you have just made me look for the silver lining of something bad that happened this year. At first I thought there couldn’t be one, but when I’ve thought a bit more, there is x

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  4. I’ve been off FB for a couple of weeks now, and boy do I feel better! I didn’t really understand what a trigger it was for me until I stopped going on there. I’m going to delete the app from my phone. These are all great tips!

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  5. I am very careful about who I am friends with on Facebook. I did a Purge few years back. All negative people were deleted (some blocked). Finding the silver lining in the world has helped me through so many things! These are great ways to stay positive!

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