Move Over Blogtober – Hello Blogmas!

BlogmasSooooooo by now you would have realised that I failed miserably at Blogtober because of situations arising in life BUT I will be back and better than ever for the next annual blogger challenge – BLOGMAS 2018!

Ok so anyone anti-Christmas in October/November… click away!

I am beyond excited for Christmas, my baby girl is going to be 1 and so much more active and aware which just makes this even more exciting.
I swear to try even harder with blogmas – I managed to complete it 2 years ago but flopped last year, fingers crossed!

So until the next blogger challenge I will keep up with normal scheduling (2-3 posts a week).
Thank you so much for keeping up, following, liking and commenting. It means the absolute world to me!

7 Replies to “Move Over Blogtober – Hello Blogmas!”

  1. YES!! Blogmas is going to be such an amazing time. I thought I was excited about Blogtober but ohhhhh my goodness BLOGMAS IS COMING!! It’s like I’m a kind in a candy store.

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  2. I did Blogmas last year, and although I didn’t make it all the way through, I loved doing it! ❤️ Looking forward to Blogmas 2018!


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