3 Good Reasons To Start A Blog!

hello-i-m-nik-698722-unsplashToday I wanted to share 3 good reasons to start a blog. I personally love blogging and whilst I do find it quite stressful, purely because I get writers block like crazy! I just find it to be the best outlet and it has shown me a beautiful community that I am so proud to be a part of.
I encourage anyone who ever asks me about blogging to at least give it a fair chance because I don’t know what impact blogging could have on their lives. Blogging saves some people, its their outlet to talk about mental health, relationship issues or to just feel wanted/valued.

1. Its an Outlet
I’ve said that about 1000 times already in this post but I mean it. Blogging has been the best outlet for me and I know it helps so many others. You are able to write about your problems, thoughts, feelings and opinions and share those with who ever you want. You don’t have to tell the whole story to get your point across, you don’t have to share details to make an impact. I find it so therapeutic because I can write about things I cant necessarily talk to anyone about in a conversation, I write it down, get it off my chest and I feel so much better!

2. Amazing Community
The blogging community in general is such an amazing place to be. It has everything from long term bloggers who have been at it for years and know every inch of the blogging world, to the newby bloggers who are so enthusiastic, full of beans and ready to explore what blogging can do for them. Everyone is so supportive because everyone is in the same boat! I have made some incredible friends through blogging and I find myself gaining support from random people every day which is such a lovely feeling.

3. Be Excited & Creative
Blogging allows you to be excited about every little thing you do! Going for coffee? take a cute picture and blog about your day. Going for a night out? Take pictures, review the restaurant, show your outfit and tag the brands… the opportunities are endless. You can be so incredibly creative when it comes to blogging, the photography, flat lays, editing content, writing in general… its great!

I hope this has somehow convinced you to give blogging a try. You don’t always have to spend big bucks to test the waters, find your feet and if you love it, dive deeper into the world of domains, self hosting and more!

I look forward to seeing you around!
Emm xoxo

11 Replies to “3 Good Reasons To Start A Blog!”

  1. That third reason is so so true! I get excited for literally anything now, even just going for a walk down the road, because I’ll be looking out for inspiration from anything. This was such a sweet post, Emm. Lots of love x

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  2. I love my blogging community! You guys/gals definitely give me life 😁😁😁 My favorite part if blogging is the creative outlet it gives me!

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  3. Great points.

    I started my Blog (and it’s very basic…more a train of thought !) as a way of keeping track of my Shows and Presenting, which I do as a fun hobby at the moment. We have 7 guinea pigs and I go into schools and nurseries doing ‘Show and Tells’….with lots of humour ! I involve the staff as well……..

    This has now resulted in me Hosting a Dog Show (what do I know about dogs………errrr nothing !), a Talent Show, an outdoor cinema event (650 people at that one !), and these successes (as they went well !), spins off well for events in 2019, as the organisers want me back. I even got paid for the Talent Show !! Yes, I was surprised as well.

    It’s all fun and the Blog is just a way of scribbling down thoughts and ideas. All ultra basic, nothing like the amazing content that everyone else seems to have on their blogs ! So impressed by what I’ve seen.

    Blogs are so wide raging, all interesting in their own way – absolutely great !

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