Life With 6 Cats


Yes, before you judge, I have 6 cats.
Don’t ask me how we ended up with so many because honestly its all a bit of a blur. I really enjoy passing blame for the number of cats we have onto my boyfriend because he is the one that got the first and second ones.


Our cats have run of the majority of the house, they have the landing, hallway and kitchen, we let them outsides on nice days but they all soon come back because they aren’t really outdoor cats. We have 3 that will wonder off and explore, 1 that is happy to just sit in the garden but thats as far as he goes and the other two wouldn’t step outside if you paid them… in treats of course! We have a 3 bedroom terrace house so they have plenty of room don’t worry!
Of course because there is lots of them, we have 2 litter trays, 3-4 feeding times and a dog bowl for water, they sleep anywhere and play with EVERYTHING but we are still utterly obsessed with them, as is Mia.

Ok so enough boring talk, lets meet my cats…

Mischief – the OG, she was family before I arrived
Narla – my birthday present, we thought he was a girl! (he’s in the first image)
Jr – Mischief had a litter and we kept two, our biggest boy
Gizmo – Mischief’s other baby we kept, such a tiny girl
Tiny – was the runt of the litter and we fell in love with him, now he’s huge
Smudge – her and tiny were inseparable so we had to keep them both

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Unfortunately with everything going on in our new house at the moment I haven’t really got up to date pictures but I hope you enjoyed seeing my  beautiful fur babies!

Emm xoxo

24 Replies to “Life With 6 Cats”

  1. Haha it’s funny isn’t it, his nickname was bobble head when he was a kitten and now he’s grown into his head and is a decent size for a male cat xx


  2. This is amazing!! I cannot wait to have my house so I can fill it up with kitties. I only have one right now and I adore her but this has made me want so many more!! I loved that slideshow xx

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  3. Thank you for this post, your cats look so adorable! I have a kitty called Nala as well and I really wanted to spell her name as Gnarla to wind everyone up but she’s just Nala now! I currently have two and they are a handful to deal with so I don’t know how you cope with 6!

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  4. Awwww…I’m in love! 💕💕 What adorable cats. ☺️ I’m sure you get loads of snuggles. Love this post!


  5. 💕💕😻😻😻💕💕 Such sweet fur babies!!! We have 2 fish. I’m not sure we could add more lives to, well, keep alive! LoL

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  6. Wow….6 cats !

    Although we have 7 guinea pigs…..did used to have one called Gizmo many years ago. People question why we have 7, but we do…..although I go into schools and nurseries doing ‘Show and Tells’…..really good ones ! Do you show your cats ?!?!

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  7. This is the cutest blog post I have seen today, I would love to have 6 cats! I have 1 but i’ve had cats all my life but the most we’ve had at one time was 2! My cat is called Otis and he’s not really a fan of other cats so I don’t think he’d be happy if we got another haha. Cats are so precious though, they just cuddle up to you and it really makes you feel happy 🙂

    Chloe xx


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