How I Collaborate With Brands

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I have had so many amazing opportunities since I started blogging. I have worked with everything from subscription box brands and t-shirt brands to makeup and skin care brands.
I have had a few people in the blogger community ask me how I manage to collaborate with some of these brands so I thought I would do a post explaining what I do and how I come across when approaching brands vs being approached.
Get a drink and a snack, it’s going to be a long one!


1. Ensure they are relevant to your niche
My blog is beauty and lifestyle based so for me to approach an author or a travel company requesting a collab then it will most likely be rejected because they aren’t relevant. Stick to brands and companies that are within your niche, I have contacted skin care companies, makeup brands, baby wear brands etc.

2. Establish a connection/introduce yourself
Whenever I reach out to a company I write pretty much the same email in terms of format, this is because I know how it comes across and I know how it will be perceived on the other side.
I introduce myself; name, blogger niche and where from, I then go on to suggest a possible collaboration opportunity or simply ask if they would be interested, it is important to let the company have the ball in their court, don’t go in making demands because you come across all wrong but also don’t go in shy and scared, you want to ooze confidence whilst not crossing that very thin line into cockiness.

3. Link all social media and your blog in the message
The reason I do this is because then they have the choice to easily click and see your interaction, your numbers etc without having to search or reply and ask, companies love the easy life when it comes to things like that. It also allows them to have a look at your blog, get to know how you write and what you typically write about, get a feel for you as a person and whether or not they think you are a good match for their brand.

4. Lastly I always finish with 1 simple line
I always finish my messages with ‘I look forward to hearing from you’ – this is because it lays out the welcome mat for a response, otherwise companies may just delete your email there and then if they aren’t interested. I have had companies reject collaboration requests but reply to tell me and I 100% believe it is because of the way I come across in the request.

I genuinely do just find a brand I like, whether it is on Instagram, twitter or Facebook and send them a message. In my mind, the worst they can do is say no!


1. Take time reading their message
The reason I am saying this is because 9 times out of 10 there is a hidden clause, I recently received an email from an eyewear company asking if I would like to try their glasses and promote them however, the email stated, in amongst all the compliments and mentions of free glasses, that they already had the image and caption ready, all I needed to do was post it. This made me feel uncomfortable on so many levels and I politely declined. You will find that companies tend to compliment the life out of your work (maybe without even actually seeing it or taking the time to read your blog/get to know you) and its important to appreciate but not get blind sided by them.

2. Remember your worth
It is known in the community that companies will reach out to a blogger and offer then a 15% discount if they buy their items and advertise them/review them. They are asking you to buy their product, with your own, hard earned money so then they make a sale and get all the advertisements from you, this angers me on a whole new level. Do not be sucked in by this, remember your worth, understand how much hard work you put in to your blog and growing a following. Do not let companies leach from you.

3. Take some time to consider their offer
You do not have to accept or reject straight away, if you are unsure, go away and think about it, talk it through with a friend or your partner. Make an informed decision, you are essentially signing a contract of work with a company so you need to feel 100% about it before taking it on.

I hope this helped! – Let me know your favourite collaboration you’ve ever done or if you haven’t done one yet, you dream collaboration.
Emm xoxo

37 Replies to “How I Collaborate With Brands”

  1. I always get so nervous when I try to reach out to brands because i’m still a small blogger. I really appreciate these tips and will be using them in the future

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  2. This is a really great and informative post Emm! I don’t think I’m near that stage yet with my blog but hopefully I can be at some point and these have really made me aware of points I need to know before I do so. Really helpful for anybody in blogging and I’m so happy to hear you’ve had a few collabs so far!
    Alex x

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  3. I’m trying to establish my branding and my niche really at the moment, I’m just seeing what I write about the most and where I want to take my blog before I try and get others involved! Thanks for the advice though xx

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  4. Great tips. I’m more concentrating on trying to get going with affiliate marketing first but collabs might be something I look at down the line. Well done for having success with it x

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  5. Will find you a link which explains – amazon associates is the biggest one you can sign up to, basically you can recommend products and get a commission x


  6. I haven’t found a brand I want to work with yet but I’ve had a brand come to me with a 25% coupon. I fell for it because they were stuff I thought were cute! That’s probably the only reason I had to buy it haha

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  7. Ahhh it’s so annoying! I would have gone back and said maybe gift me 1 product and if I like it I’ll continue to support paying 25% off? It sounds cheeky but you work hard!

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  8. This is really helpful, thank you for sharing! I’ve yet to wade into the world of sponsored posts and stuff, but I want to in the future. Reading this has made me feel more confident about it. Maybe I’ll take the plunge soon!

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  9. Thanks for all the info and what I found was that all the brands that ever approached me when I had thousands of followers on Facebook they were just looking to have me represent their jeans, shirts, bikinis for free basically and you know give me a couple items but there was never any monetary amount.

    So my question to you is do you make serious money with these brands or not? I hear some people make 10k for representation on Instagram and YouTube.

    Blessings, Emma

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  10. I would never charge that amount at the level I am at because I think it’s unrealistic.
    I do think your question comes across a bit abrupt, I understand you want to make money from blogging but to ask someone else whether they make serious money or not is a little step over the line.
    I wish you all the luck in your blog and career 🙂

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  11. I never once claimed to make ‘serious money’ and I don’t, I do not blog for a living, I work to pay my bills – those blogging for a living and earning their money are working hard for it

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