What’s In My Makeup Kit | An Overview

What's In My Makeup Kit

I am obsessed with makeup, I have been worse, since having Mia I have calmed down a lot! My obsession turned into a collection which has now resulted into a bit of a kit.

Now I want to just put a little disclaimer here. Whilst I have a degree in makeup, I do not do this professionally for a living. I do friends and family as and when they ask which is why my kit is very unprofessional looking. 

Now lets jump in!

I decided to pretty much let the images do all the talking.
I have had this big expanding case for some time now and its pretty perfect for travelling with the amount of makeup I need for a job.
I have an eye section, face section, bronzer/highlight section, lipstick section and then the middle section is for pallets and accessories, its also where I store my skin care and eyelashes.

If you would like a more in depth, descriptive look at any specific section then please let me know in the comments and I will happily do a post for each!

Emm xoxo

16 Replies to “What’s In My Makeup Kit | An Overview”

  1. O M G
    I love this post Emm. I love that you have a make up degree. I love that you have a truck load of make up! It’s like me with my paper crafts etc … it’s a hobby and a passion and we can’t do it without tools and materials can we?

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  2. I think it’s awesome you have a makeup degree! I didn’t know that 🙂 that is a ton of stuff haha! I have a little kit like that too… only it’s filled with my dental stuff ahah

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  3. Haha love it!
    This isn’t even talk of it, I used to have a full collection but then I moved twice and had to half it and half it again 😭


  4. I had no idea you had a degree in make up!! You’re amazing!

    And can we PLEASE have a post about your lipsticks omg I love your collection. I’ve never had a lime crime one, they’ve all been Jeffrey star but I would love to know your thoughts! And I want to see swatches!!

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  5. Haha would you believe this isn’t even 1/3 of the lipsticks I own! But of course I’ll do a swatch post of all the lime crime ones I have!


  6. Wow, that’s some make up collection!! Love the big case! I’m terrible for buying new make up but then never using it! I need to be more adventurous really x

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  7. Haha I used to do the same thing! I’d buy ever new release just to say I had it! I was so bad before but now I have a mortgage and stuff I have to watch what I’m spending x


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