Palmers Stretch Mark Collection | Review

Lets start off by saying a massive thank you to Palmers and FuelPR for sending me these goodies, I recieved the most beautiful package and am so excited to try these.

As a new mom I am so self conscious about my body so every little helps. I have such an unhealthy relationship with food at the minute and I really need to start making some genuine life changes but whilst I’m starting to fix my that, these gorgeous creams and lotions will help my outsides.

This amazing cream is perfect for on the go use, if you want the same gorgeous moisture on the go as you get from home using the lotion then this is perfect! It’s size is just right for a weekender style bag rather than a mini travel size, its consistancy is very creamy, lightweight but soothing and smells incredible!

This lotion is suppose to replace your every day body moisturiser – it is absolutely gorgeous! I am pants at remembering to moisturise but the thought of having minimal strech marks is motivation enough!

The pump is brilliant and easy to use, I love to keep this in the bathroom and use it straight away just to I remember but then also it allows me to lock in every last bit of moisture which I am hoping will work. I love the smell and also the fact it dries so nicely! It doesnt leave the disgusting greasy film on your skin that I genuinely can’t stand about body moisturisers.

Last but in no means least – the tummy butter, I know this says tummy but I use it wherever I need it (tummy, thighs and bum), it is a super concentrated formula which is supposed to be use as an intensive treatment if you are having a particularly dry day or I will be using this once a week to ensure I am getting the best results possible!

The cream and lotion you can use morning or night but the butter is best used at night time so it has all that time you are asleep to work its magic!

I am so excited to see the results after a few weeks of using these products, as I am at the beginning I will probably do an update post next month and let you know how I am getting on with them and if I am seeing a difference.
It might be annoying but I wont be including any before and after pictures because as I have mentioned I am super body conscious at the moment and probably will be for a while.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and if you are interested in these products then you can find them here;
Stretch Mark Lotion
Stretch Mark Cream
Stretch Mark Tummy Butter

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