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I AmCurrently...Once again I am back with a random, weird tag that one of my gorgeous friends in our twitter group found on Pinterest – If you aren’t aware who they are then please visit the ‘Twitter Friends Tag‘ for names and blog links!

This tag is called ‘I Am Currently…’ because it is basically a list of things and we have to say what we are currently with them. I realise that made absolutely no sense at all but read on and I promise it will all become clear.


1. Thinking
10,000 different things. My brain is ready to explode but I am trying to concentrate on scheduling for Blogmas 2018!

2. Enjoying
Alone time. Mia went to bed around 7pm, its not 10pm and I have had a lovely hot cuppa, some biscuits, I’m blogging and planning whilst watching comedy central so I am pretty much in my happy place.

3. Feeling
Overwhelmed. I feel like this a lot of the time, I have so many things on my mind that panic sets in and I become anxious. I try and calm down, relax and think logically of ways to sort some situations out but sometimes all I need is a fresh perspective.

4. Wearing
PJs because wearing anything else at home should be illegal haha, only kidding but seriously, I cannot be the only person who instantly changes out of their clothes into PJs as soon as they get home?

5. Needing
A cuddle and maybe some reassurance. Ooooh and coffee!

6. Wanting
Everything to turn out for the best, my plans to got to plan, everything to fix itself without me needing to worry. Ooooh and coffee!

7. Listening
I am not listening to music right now but my song at the minute is Woman Like Me – Little Mix ft Nicki Minaj!

8. Making
A mess, lots of plan and myself anxious haha. I wish I was baking cookies or cake because it settles me and I get a bonus tasty treat.

9. Eating
I have next to me some Border Biscuits; Divinely Chocolatey Cookies and Classic Recipe Golden Oat Crumbles – the best biscuits ever. I got a massive box from Costco for £8.

10. Drinking
I think this one is quite obvious… Coffee!

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16 Replies to “I Am Currently… | Tag”

  1. Thanks for joining in with the tag. I hope you found it was fun. I totally believe that PJs are for wearing indoors at any time of day, you don’t need an excuse. And coffee is a magic drink.
    mXc 💕

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  2. Aww I gotta hope you get to sort everything out in your head.. 😖 I just got home and I’m wearing PJ’s now… It’s so heavenly! Great post xx

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  3. Hi, Emm!
    Lovely post. I want all of your plans to turn out for the best for you, too. 💜
    Coffee is so essential to my daily functioning.
    And PJs are the best thing to cosy up in at home.
    Take care & good luck with Blogmas!
    Hanna x | missbeautysaver

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  4. Completely agree with only PJs at home. It’s the only acceptable thing. But I hope you can get your head clear soon, love. I wish you all the peace and relaxation. ❤️

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