Hate Notes | Book Review #5


This book.
Please take a seat whilst I tell you about this book.

Ok so first things first, I don’t read, I really don’t, I hate reading BUT this book has opened my eyes and made me realise I was obviously reading the wrong damn books.
For me, this has everything – comedy, romance, heat… the way it’s written is brilliant! Ok I am getting ahead of myself, let’s calm down and section this post.

Storyline –
The story follows two characters who have both suffered major heartbreak by an ex fiancé, they come together through a forceful character mutual to them both and it is that character that really makes the story what it is.
The female main character is called Charlotte Darling, she is outspoken, fun, spontaneous and everything exciting about life. The male main character is Reed Eastwood and he is the polar opposite! He is very serious, obnoxious, rude, sarcastic – they really peg him to be an awful person but that is because as you follow the storyline you realise 1. why he is like that and 2. you see how Charlotte changes him and brings out the best in him.

The heat and attraction between the two of the main characters plays out and is extremely obvious but there is a very annoying and frustrating reason they are the way they are – I am trying to explain without giving too much away.

The two main characters end up working together at Reeds company, they have to go on trips a lot and spend time together a lot so there is a relationship and attraction constantly building. A big event makes them question everything and almost call it quits but actually shows them just how much they need each other and just how much they had actually fallen for the other person. It’s honestly beautiful!

Writing –
The way this is written is so unique. It is written from both the male main character and female main characters perspective, each chapter is alternated I believe, that way we get to see how both characters think, feel and why they think and feel that way – its brilliant!

For me the way it was written was really chill, it wasn’t stuffy and have all these obnoxious big words, it was really chill and fun to read – I hope that makes sense. There are some very serious topics mentioned in this book such as MS, the effects of adoption, abandonment issues and commitment issues. Reading this book will have you on an emotional rollercoaster believe me!

Another side to this book is the fun, adventurous side – the heat. It has some erotica in there, its very descriptive however, I genuinely think if the book didn’t have that, you’d feel like something was missing! The relief when they finally do the deeds (please read and you’ll understand) is insane.

My thoughts –
For me this painted a picture in my head with every page, I didn’t realise that reading could bring my imagination to life like that! I pictures what Reed looked like and even smelt like at one point – it got weird. I had this image in my head of Charlottes perfect blonde hair and was even jealous of my own imagination for a minute!

The reason I think I couldn’t put it down was because I had read the blurb, I knew what was coming but they keep you in suspense, they keep you thinking ‘oh my gosh it’s not going to happen!’ And it’s actually infuriating so you keep reading and keep reading just waiting for that moment!

I feel like the most exciting part of a relationship is at the beginning, well I’m not married so technically I’ve only ever had beginnings so I can’t really tell you how exciting marriage is (trust me I wish I could!). I think because I have that view, it makes these stories so much more exciting and heartfelt and I get so emotionally involved!


I really hope you take the time to read this book, it isn’t massive and only took me 2 days to complete because I was working, otherwise I would have had it done in a day!

Let me know what you think if you do end up giving it a read!

Emm xoxo

4 thoughts on “Hate Notes | Book Review #5

  1. Lavrax says:

    You made me want to read this book so much! I haven’t read a book in a while that’s made me feel like this, I really want some excitement haha. I’m so glad you loved it!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Emm says:

    It’s so exciting – I haven’t read in ages but I was hooked from the first page! Couldn’t put it down and haven’t picked up another book since I finished it haha


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