Hate Notes | Book Review


This book.
Please take a seat whilst I tell you about this book.

Ok so first things first, I don’t read, I really don’t, I hate reading BUT this book has opened my eyes and made me realise I was obviously reading the wrong damn books.

For me, this has everything – comedy, romance, heat… the way it’s written is brilliant! Ok I am getting ahead of myself, let’s calm down and section this post.

Storyline –

Writing –

My thoughts –

For me this painted a picture in my head with every page, I didn’t realise that reading could bring my imagination to life like that! I pictures what Reed looked like and even smelt like at one point – it got weird. I had this image in my head of Charlottes perfect blonde hair and was even jealous of my own imagination for a minute!

The reason I think I couldn’t put it down was because I had read the blurb, I knew what was coming but they keep you in suspense, they keep you thinking ‘oh my gosh it’s not going to happen!’ And it’s actually infuriating so you keep reading and keep reading just waiting for that moment!

4 Replies to “Hate Notes | Book Review”

  1. You made me want to read this book so much! I haven’t read a book in a while that’s made me feel like this, I really want some excitement haha. I’m so glad you loved it!!

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  2. It’s so exciting – I haven’t read in ages but I was hooked from the first page! Couldn’t put it down and haven’t picked up another book since I finished it haha


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