Gifts for The Men in Your Life! #6

Lets get one thing clear before I start – I suck at gift guides, I am such a great gift shopper, I love buying presents for people but when it comes to ‘guides’ I suck.
I have to choose everything from the same shop (online) to save on shipping cost so you genuinely probably don’t need this post at all but I am persevering and doing it anyway!

Socks, who can go wrong with getting your dad, boyfriend or brother some socks! Christmas theme, colourful… any! They are always inexpensive and always get used. 
Sticking with the theme, I don’t think you can every go wrong when getting a man a dressing gown – who doesn’t love to be cosy! These are especially lovely in the winter so make the perfect Christmas present.
My personal favourite – a video game! My boyfriend is an avid gamer, he loves nothing more than chilling on his xbox for hours at a time but he’s always on the hunt for new games, Christmas is the perfect time to check out reviews and purchase a few for him to try!
Another brilliant thing to get men is aftershave, I don’t think you can go wrong with getting any man in your life aftershave, this is a suitable gift for you boyfriend, your dad, your cousin or even your colleague! 
I know this one is a little more expensive but honestly if you are the type of person to buy 1 big present per person then this is a great one! I have noticed so many people being into their fitness lately and feel like so many more people would be if they had motivation – I feel like this fitness watch is perfect!
Last but not least, the basic gift set – I normally pick these up from boots because they also have a 3 for 2 offer but when I am ordering everything else from 1 place then I try and stick to that place. I love these gift sets, they are perfect for small presents, secret santa, that awkward cousin you don’t really know what they like and they always get used!

Again I want to apologise if this gift guide isn’t up to the standard you have seen from others – I actually really enjoyed doing this and doing it in this way. I took screenshots from the websites app but you can find everything at – each image includes prices relevant to this day (05/12/2018).

I hope you enjoyed and hopefully I will see you back here tomorrow for another Blogmas post!

Emm xoxo

22 Replies to “Gifts for The Men in Your Life! #6”

  1. This is a good list! I always throw socks or boxers in the stockings lol. Men are hard to shop for unless they tel you outright. I also plan on getting him the new Smash Bros but it releases tomorrow so it’ll be an “early” present.

    Cheers xx

    Rachel |

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  2. I know! I am such a cheap skate, I hate paying for multiple shipping but I love online shopping, I get inspiration, can work out my budget and take my time!


  3. These are all great ideas! Robes are one of my favorite gifts. I feel like everyone wants one, but few people buy them for themselves! Thank you for the inspiration!

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