Favourite Makeup Products for the Holidays | Ali Quinn Guest Post #8

Favourite Makeup Products for the Holidays

The Holiday season is officially upon us! It’s a truly magical time, tons of food-eating, tree decorating, and joy all around! It’s also time for gatherings. Family gatherings, holiday parties, you name it. I’m sure I’m not the only one with holiday party invites stacking up. 

Although holiday parties are great, it’s a wonderful time to get together with family, friends, or coworkers, and celebrate, they can also be stressful. What to bring, what to wear, there’s just so many things to consider! 

If you’re anything like me, the first thing on your mind is what to wear, including how to do your makeup. It can be one of the most stressful things to decide on and I’m here to help make the holidays a little less stressful for you! I’m sharing my favorite products to create a look that’s perfect for any holiday party!
Whether it’s a casual family gift-giving gathering, or the holiday party of the year, these products will help you achieve the perfect makeup look! 

Red Lips
You really can’t go wrong with a red lip for the holidays! Whether you go for a cool-toned or warm-toned red, a matte or a gloss, you’ll sure look holiday-perfect with a set of red lips. You can also be daring and opt for a mettalic! 
My personal favorite red lipsticks are: The Beauty Crop GRLPWR Liquid Lipstick in Imma Bawse and The Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick in Pioneer.

Golden Highlight
When I think of the holidays, I think of everything glittery and gold! That’s why I love adding a golden highlight to my makeup for any and all holiday parties. It’s subtle enough, without being all in your face, but it also gives you the perfect amount of wow, that’s much needed around the holidays! 
My personal favorite golden highlights are: The WetnWild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in Golden Flower Crown and The Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter in Molten Gold.

Neutral Shadow
Although I like to go all out with my makeup for the holidays, I actually like to keep my eye makeup simple because I like being able to go all out with everything else, without looking too overdone.
I usually go for an all neutral eyeshadow look, using brown and taupe mattes, and adding just a teeny, tiny, bit of shimmer. 
My personal favorite neutral eyeshadow palettes are: The Lorac Mega Pro 3, which offers tons of pretty, cool-toned neutrals, and The WetnWild Comfort Zone Palette.

Winged Liner
Winged liner completes the holiday look. Nothing like a little, (or big), wing to really tie the whole look together! I love adding a wing to my holiday looks because, like the highlight, it adds just the right amount of wow! 
My personal favorite eye liners to help create the perfect wing are: The Clinique Pretty East Eyelining Pen and The Eyeko Skinny Liner.

Okay, this one’s optional. And yes, I said I like to keep my eye look simple for holiday looks but imagine how pretty your winged liner would look paired with some sparkles? Add them to your eyeshadow, or do a little double-winged liner for the ultimate wow-factor! 
My personal favorite sparkes/glitter: NYX Face & Body Glitter in Silver.

Those are my favorite products to help you create the perfect look for any holiday party or family gathering! How do you like doing your makeup for the holidays? 

A massive thank you to Ali Quinn for guest posting for Blogmas day 9! She is a lovely person and so incredibly supportive, she’s absolutely stunning so make sure you check all her social media out and her blog –
Twitter – www.twitter.com/heyitsaliquinn
Instagram – www.instagram.com/alii.grigonis
Blog – www.alexandraquinlann.com

4 thoughts on “Favourite Makeup Products for the Holidays | Ali Quinn Guest Post #8

  1. Lavrax says:

    Love a red lip and a gold highlighter! I totally agree about keeping the eyes simple so you can splash out on everything else! I’m super excited for the gatherings yassss!

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