Single Dad At Christmas | Vincenthinking Guest Post #12

Single Dad At Christmas

In this blog post, I want to talk about being a single dad at Christmas and the importance of Love, understanding, and a daddy-daughter relationship.

For me being a single dad at Christmas is important, it’s important to make the most of your situation. My daughter was four when I separated from her mum after a fifteen-year relationship broke down.

For those four years, I was a full-time stay at home dad.

For four years I watched my daughter grow daily, I would do all the night feeds, change nappies and comfort her when she couldn’t sleep.

I witnessed her first words, first steps and her first fall. There was nothing I missed out on, I was lucky enough to experience some of the greatest moments in a parents life.

I could never put into words the pain I felt walking down the garden path, bin bags in hand waving as my daughter cried with her arms stretched wide shouting… Daddy, Daddy, Nooooo Daddy, Come back Daddy…

That day changed my life forever…

With a new home and new life, it was time create something new for us both, something my daughter could be proud of.

With Christmas fast approaching I wanted to create an environment where it felt like nothing had ever changed, I wanted to fill the home with love, laughter and happiness. I also wanted to teach her the real meaning of Christmas.

Together we decorated our new home, we’d have Christmas music on loud, we’d dance and sing and together we’d bake cookies for Santa and write him letters ensuring he would visit our house first (bribery) She was sooo happy, and so was I…

A daughter needs a dad to be the standard against which she will judge all men.

I always wanted to teach my daughter the meaning of life, I wanted her to understand the meaning of money and happiness. I wanted her to understand how two people can be so different.

whilst we’re happy with everything we need, they’re people in this world who have nothing.

I wanted her to understand and to appreciate everything that she acquires in life.

Children today take a lot for granted, they don’t always understand how the world works. I think it is very important Children learn to give and not just receive.

To make my daughter truly understand, I’d take her to buy gifts for the homeless, we’d buy hats gloves and scarves.

We would fill shoe-boxes with food and buy hot chocolate.  Seeing those smiles on the faces of the homeless would lead to a million questions on our return home.

Five years on and we still keep the same tradition, she has grown to understand just how fortunate she is, and as a result, donates to charities out of her own pocket money.

We’ve grown together and we’ve learnt together. I’m proud of the young lady she’s become, she’s polite, caring and loving.

I have never missed out on any aspect of my daughter’s life, I have been there every step of the way and together we’ve overcome whatever stood in our way.

With the power of Christmas and a little bit of love you can really make a difference, Christmas is about giving and not just receiving, that’s where I get my happiness from and I have no doubt my daughter does too.

A daughter may outgrow your lap but she’ll never outgrow your heart.


There ain’t no one here to blame
Nothing’s going to change with your old friends
Your room will stay the same
‘Cause you’ll only be away on the weekends
It don’t make sense but nevertheless
You gotta believe us, it’s all for the best
It don’t make sense
It don’t add up
We’ll always love you no matter what
Thank you so much Vince for sharing and I hope you have such  a lovely and warm Christmas with your daughter! You have touched my heart tonight and I think your daughter would love to read what you have said. 
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