1 Year Old Gift Guide #14

So the main reason I wanted to do this post is because trying to figure out what I wanted to buy my 1 year old for Christmas was stressful! I searched every age range, every filter, every toy and option – I have come up with 5 (all which I have either got the exact one or something similar) that are perfect presents!

Another reason I wanted to do this is because we decided we were only going to buy her a few presents (around 6 or 7) because she is only 1, she is growing and learning and has more fun playing with boxes and bottles than she does with actual toys. She will grow out of a lot of toys quickly and some she may not even touch, so we decided to limit ourselves and these are the kinds of things we have gone for.

Disclaimer – this isn’t sponsored by Mothercare (I wish!) but as I have mentioned in my other gift guides, I really like to stick to buying everything from 1 place because your able to save money on shipping and take full advantage of multi-buy deals. 

Right so lets start with bath toys, bath time is such a fun time for a baby/toddler, they get to let loose, have fun, splash around and I think have stimulating toys in the bath that really make them use up all that remaining energy before bed is definitely a bonus! There are so many different bath toys but I really love the look of this one.
Some children are walking by 1 but some aren’t, Mia isn’t but she absolutely loves this – we got her this for her first birthday last month and she is obsessed with it, loves it to pieces. I think its such a brilliant idea to get your little one up and about if they aren’t showing any signs at the moment.
I cannot wait for her to open this! I want to get it out and put it on her pram now! This is something I found when searching high and low for decent presents. She doesn’t really play with teddies or anything when in the pram because she’s too busy taking in the sights but I know for a fact she will play with his and enjoy it so much!
This little activity house was an add on for me. When I was looking for presents I had a bunch of stuff in my basket but I didn’t feel like it was enough, then I found this and it just seemed perfect. Mia tends to take a break from running up and down the room, crawling everywhere at 100mph and handing at the table banding coasters off of it, so when she does finally take that break she likes to sit down and play with things like this.
Who says cars are for boys?! Mia loves cars, trains and boats so we have made a point of getting her all 3. These cars are big and cute and I know she will love running them across the floor! – or chewing them, which ever makes her happy haha!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this has helped you in some way! I know its so difficult when deciding on what gifts to get little ones but if we all did posts like this then there would be so much inspiration and help right?

Emm xoxo

16 Replies to “1 Year Old Gift Guide #14”

  1. Great post! I feel like not many people do gift guides for younger children! Cute presents though, and they do grow out of their toys pretty quickly so I’d probably do the same of buying less when they’re at such a young age!

    Chloe Chats xx

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