Best of the Christmas Drinks 2018 | Polly Plaits Guest Post #16

Best of the Christmas Drinks 2018

Seasonal Drinks – My caffeinated desires with added Christmas Sprinkles.

If the beginning of December heralds Christmas, then the beginning of November is the official start of festive drink season. And what a great selection there is his year! So, ignoring the risk of caffeine overdose, I have visited several coffee shops to try out their seasonal offerings.
While not an expert, I am a massive coffee fan. One of the items on my bucket list is to drink 50 coffees in 50 different cities,(  so I am always up for experimenting with new flavours, especially as a large number of the drinks available this year seem to include caramel and ginger…

starbucks gingerbread

Starbucks: Gingerbread Latte –

I was looking forward to this one! I do have something of a penchant for gingerbread and the initial signs were good – it appeared the cream was infused with gingerbread, and there was plenty of it, so a spoon was necessary. No ground nutmeg though…

The problem with putting a small desert on top of your coffee, is that by the time I got to the drink is was a bit tepid. It was nice enough, but nothing special.

costa caramelised orange

Costa:  Caramelised Orange & Cream Latte –

As a general rule, I prefer a Costa Coffee over a Starbucks, so held out high hopes for this one.
The queue was long, and by the time the coffees were bought to our table they were room temperature. It didn’t really taste of anything other than lukewarm milk, much less orange.  Again, the high street coffee shops have disappointed.

Boswells salted caramel latte

Boswells: Salted Caramel Latte –

It was a rainy day, so I decided to hide out of the way and treat myself to a latte. I am a big fan of all things salted-caramel, but following my previous attempts at discovering seasonal sensationalism in caffeine form I was not going to hold my breath.

I was pleasantly surprised. Once again, it was a little cooler than I would have liked, but I suppose that is an occupational hazard of a latte drinker – it is mostly milk!  Temperature aside, this was one of the better drinks I tried, with a good amount of cream and syrup and not over sweet.

Gregs Salted Caramel Latte

Greggs : Salted Caramel latte? Possibly?

Let’s put it this way, I asked for the salted caramel latte. They had run out of cream, so I had to wait a bit, and then when I was passed my drink, I was surprised to see crumbled up biscuit pieces on the top.  Initially I was excited as I thought they were caramel pieces, but I sadly realised this wasn’t the case when I got to the last part of the drink and noticed that all the pieces had sunk to the bottom to create an undrinkable mush.

Not recommended…although I am not technically sure what drink I am not recommending, as it certainly wasn’t a salted caramel latte!

Sloe Gin Mulled Cidre

Bonus Drink: Boca Bar – Sloe Gin Mulled Cider – 

As one of my friends pointed out, there is a lot going on in one drink, and not a coffee bean in sight, but I figured as it was seasonal, it was and acceptable addition to my list.

Oh my! It was warm, spicy and went down far too easily. I think my mistake has been thinking the best Christmas drinks had to be coffee based.  As a self-confessed caffeine addict this is quite a revelation to me, but maybe it is time to think outside the box when it comes to Winter warming drinks.

All in all, I have been fairly unimpressed with the offerings from the main coffee shops this year; the drinks all sounded like they would be delicious, but they were all so disappointing, with the Greggs offering being decidedly the worst! But, of course, that is just my opinion, so go try out what is available in your area and let us know below what your seasonal drink of choice is.

A massive thank you to Polly for guesting posting for blogmas day 16! Make sure you go and check her out on all her social media and give her blog a follow for more posts like this!
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9 Replies to “Best of the Christmas Drinks 2018 | Polly Plaits Guest Post #16”

  1. Tried a salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks and it was not my thing so I can relate to high street coffee shops disappointing! Undrinkable mush will definitely not have me rushing to Greggs anytime soon, haha!

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  2. Well, I’m sad the coffees themselves were a bit of a let down, but your pictures certainly were not!! They looked delicious. As a non coffee drinker, the cider sounded the best lol! Great post, Polly!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh no that Greggs one doesn’t sound fab! I’m not a coffee fan anyway so I wouldn’t like many! The gin mulled cider sounds like something I might enjoy though!!

    Chloe Chats xx

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