Gifts for the Women in Your Life! #17

So you will have already seen my men’s gift guide, if not then please go check it out, there is a little disclaimer at the start that I really don’t want to repeat BUT this gift guide is also entirely from because in my mind, if you are buying all your male relatives/friends presents from the guide then you can do all your shopping in one place and only play for shipping once!

This is genuinely something I would be buzzing to receive as a Christmas present. I know for a fact that the Loreal skin care is incredible and any chance to try new products from them would be great! This is such a brilliant price as well, perfect for those awkward female relatives or friends.
There was never going to be a women’s gift guide without me featuring some good old fashioned makeup! This set is perfect for beginners, it has everything you need to spice up ‘basic’ makeup and is such a brilliant price for a gift.
Sticking with makeup for a second – Yes I realise the picture sucks! this set of liquid lipsticks is PERFECT for a makeup lover, it has experimental colours, neutral colours, warm and cool… its brilliant and NYX is already known for its amazing formula.
Whilst we are on the topic of makeup, brushes are always a must! I feel like anyone who wears makeup uses some type of set of brushes even if it is 1, 2 or 10! this set is gorgeous and perfect for a gift, it has eye and face brushes, something for everything and a very good price!
I would also be absolutely loving this as a present if I didn’t already have one – the reason this is on here is because I know how much I love using mine and thats why I think it would make the most epic gift.  You can even buy foot soak and lotion to enhance the experience even more!
I bloody love a bath – who doesn’t love a bath? I never used to like baths but lately I have just been obsessed and theres nothing better than getting in from playing in the snow or a day out in the rain and getting into a nice hot, luxurious bath to relax. These bath bombs are such a great gift for those who love a bath and to relax.
Last year my boyfriend got me a new hairdryer and I didn’t realise how bad my old one was until I got a new one. I know a lot of women tend to hold onto their 20 year old hair dryer because it works but honestly why not treat the woman you love to a new hair dryer, it might not seem like a brilliant present but trust me, she will use it for the next 20 years haha!
Last but not least – Perfume! I put aftershave in my mens gift guide so its only fitting I put perfume int he women’s. I think perfume is such a great gift, so many different scents, brands and price ranges, I guarantee no woman will be upset if you buy them perfume.

As you can probably tell I stuck to things I love and know I would be happy to receive, I know not every woman is the same but I like to think I am pretty channelled in. I hope this has helped in some way and if you have any suggestions that you think other readers may be interested in then please leave a comment, you never know who is reading!

Thanks for joining me for blogmas post 8!

Emm xoxo

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