My Grinch List | Everything I Hate About The Holiday Season #19

So I saw this post by Paula ( and it really caught my eye (maybe because I am obsessed with the Grinch!). It really got me thinking if there was anything I genuinely hated about the holiday season and I surprised myself by coming up with a fair few!

1. The way people treat retail workers
This one is a pretty obvious one I think, a lot of people get wound up by this. I don’t think a person is any less than I am just because they work in retail – I worked in retail for 2 1/2 years and I have to say my least favourite time was Christmas. I worked in the airport in WHSmiths and I know airports can be stressful but damn!
I cant bare to think what other shops in shopping centres get like but I have been Christmas shopping and seen utter disrespect unfold right in front of me. I don’t know where people get the nerve.

2. Everything is a competition
No one would admit it but wowwww… the competition to have the best decorations, the best presents, the best Christmas jumper, looking the most put together, the nicest, tidiest house. I just cant be arsed for it all.

I also hate when people compare Christmas’, like ‘oh well last Christmas at my house we did this and this’, good for you Sandra sit down! I honestly don’t care if one year we have a whole stuffed turkey, champagne, the works and then the next year we have turkey sandwiches and a cuppa… I don’t care as long as I have my family around me and I am laughing.

3. Mess/Packaging
It can’t be just me who thinks that companies over package stuff now. I swear the likes of Amazon and Mothercare (just two I have ordered from) have sent everything with a box in a box and then a bunch of wrapping in that box and around the outside – I get you want to protect the package but WOW! calm down! Its a blooming good job we recycle!

I also hate how kids toys are packaged, me and my partner are gown adults and struggle to get into them! It can take anywhere between 15 – 45 minutes to get into a blooming toy that your child is now growing stupidly impatient waiting for!

4. Pressure
There is so much pressure on people to be able to afford the best, nicest and most thoughtful presents for EVERYBODY! I only typically buy for my family unless I have a friend I specifically need to buy for but that being said I have a big family, I have had to buy for 10 people this year and even when I tried to budget myself it just didn’t work because sticking to those price points would have meant giving rubbish presents and I just cant do that.

5. Awkward Social Situations
This is the main one for me. I have social anxiety, I hate meeting new people and being put into a room with people I either don’t know or don’t really talk to on a daily basis because I feel uncomfortable! I hate small talk, I suck at it. I am quite a loud, jokey, fun person (I think anyway) and when I get put in these situations I can’t be that person so I come across very rude and shy which is actually the opposite of who I am.

I would love to know what you hate about the Christmas season – we are always so busy saying how great it is but come on, be real!

Emm xoxo

15 Replies to “My Grinch List | Everything I Hate About The Holiday Season #19”

  1. I totally agree with everything you’ve mentioned, it’s such a shame how people are so rude to retail workers 😦 kindness costs nothing!

    Chloe Chats xx

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  2. I agree with all of these. What should be a nice time of year becomes so stressful because there’s so much pressure to impress. I find the social situations hardest. Christmas is the only time I see some of my family, and I’m quite an awkward person who doesn’t have a lot in common with my family (they’re all quite normal I suppose whereas I veered off a bit). Oh and I don’t eat meat which is always a *thing* at Christmas even though it’s been like ten years now.

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  3. Right! I absolutely hate the pressure and social anxiety that comes with feeling obligated to spend the happiest day of the year surrounded by people you don’t see for months!


  4. I love this Emm! I agree with all of it. I may be a total total grinch – I’m sorry but Christmas cards annoy me! I’d rather just send and receive a few. Probably to people I don’t see often but I don’t see the point of them with people I see every day! And they add to the rubbish pile….couple of things that have made me laugh this year was my best friend sent me the exact same card as last year plus someone else gave me the card I’d forgotten to take home from her house last year. She’d kept it in the envelope all year!! Anyway, rant over 😉

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  5. Such yes to all of this! This year is the first time I’ve not been working in retail over Christmas and I’m sooooo glad, I lost track of how many people made me cry when all I was trying to do was help them!!

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