Single All the Way |Abby from ALJ Guest Post #21

Single All The Way

Single Bell. Single Bell. Single All the Way.

Ahh the holidays. Another wonderful time of the year, spent with family and friends, food, and fun. BUT, also that time of the year when the questions ensue: Do you have a boyfriend? Are you dating anyone? Have you tried those online dating apps? Etc. Etc.


Of course, I turned to Twitter and received some exceptional responses to my question (that you will find trickled through this post):

So, I decided we’d play a game called “What to say when…”

As the constant 9th wheel of my family festivities, I’VE HEARD THE QUESTIONS. Now, let’s try to prepare the answers!

  1. Your grandpa asks “so, where’s your boyfriend? What do you do? Scare them all away?”

Your answer: Why yes, yes I do with all my strength, power and confidence. Then you quote Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie “A man who will be intimidated by me is exactly the type of man I have no interest in.”

  1. Your sisters ask, “have you been on a date lately?”

Your answer: Take a look at my blog, you can get the down low there 😉

(I mean you always got to try to up your view count even with your family, right?!) LOL, just kidding. You tell them you’ve been dating myself because THAT is the best thing you can do for yourself.

You gotta love sisters!

  1. Your aunt asks, “have you tried those dating apps? What’re they, Timber? Bubble?”

Your answer: (At this point, just hand her your phone and let her play with the apps. I swear most people ask these questions because they want to swipe right or left and try to come up with witty messages to send your “prospects.”)

  1. Your mom says, “I signed you up for a Match profile, let’s find you some dates!”

Your answer:

Honestly, I don’t know what to do with this one. This was my Christmas present last year and want to know how many dates I went on? 0. I gave it a little bit of a shot but I swear all of the options were like in their 50s and it was just weird. But it’s made for a good story and I love my mom dearly for trying.

  1. Your grandma tells you “Oh, Dorothy from my bridge club has a cute grandson. I bet he would love to go on a date with you.”

Your answer: Alright, Grams, let’s set it up.

See, I don’t think she expects that response, so it’s kind of fun to see what she says back!

I’ve learned to try to make every crack, comment, or joke on my relationship status all fun and games. Because I know I’m kicking butt in many other aspects of my life and I don’t need to feel any type of way about “still” being single.

Now, of the other comments I received on Twitter, let’s try to work on some witty responses.

AH, the “too picky” comment. My mom constantly refers to me as “Jerry Seinfeld” because, in the show Seinfeld, Jerry always finds something wrong with who he dates. Like her hands were too big or she was a close talker, or a loud laugher… But hey, I’d rather be picky than settle.

Uhm, thank you? That’s good news? I was worried up until now?


Do I have to? I don’t really see how that is necessary when there is so much life to live and so much to do and you really don’t need a significant other to do those things.


And my LEAST favorite. As a career driven woman, ask me about my job or my blog and, with a smile on my face, I will talk and talk until you shut me up. But ask me about my relationships (or lack thereof) and I will feel less successful and less smiley. I get it though. I mean talking about boys and dates, the good and the bad, it’s so fun! But I really do LOVE my work the most.


To all you singles out there, I feel your pain. But I am a firm believer that loving yourself and what you do makes you a happier person than any other person can. So keep doing you and loving life! And of course, keep sharing all of your experiences with me, because it sure is fun to not feel alone in this! Enjoy your holidays.❤️


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