Mom Guilt Is A Real Thing!

I’ve been a mom for over a year now and if there is one thing that I was not expecting over that period of time, it’s the fact that mom guilt is such a real thing!
I had no idea.

Let me explain what I am on about and how it effects the littlest of things…
Yesterday me and Kyran went out to get ourselves some new clothes because we cannot remember the last time we got new stuff right.
Get to the shops and I find some cute stuff, not too expensive but for the life of me, I couldn’t bring myself to buy anything! Go ahead and ask me why… I DON’T KNOW!

Something set in and it was like ‘but Mia might need a new top’ and ‘Mia could do with another pair of shoes’ ‘I could get Mia a treat with that’ and then because in my head these are the reasons not to buy them, out loud comes a load of crap about how I couldn’t find any I liked or there were too many people to stand and look and I just wanted to leave!

This doesn’t just happen with clothes shopping, noooooo this crap will strike at any moment unexpectedly. Your having a nice day off and little one is with their grandparent… BOOM mom guilt ‘why are you palming her off to other people’ or ‘can’t you handle being a mom’ and ‘what if she wants her mom and your not there’.

If you think for one second I’m making this up, please find your nearest mom and ask! And it doesn’t matter how many times you’re told ‘it’s ok!’ ‘You’re aloud!’… it’s never enough.

So please remember to be kind to new moms who may be looking a little worse for wears because trust me we know we need to up our game but our hearts and heads simply won’t let us.

5 Replies to “Mom Guilt Is A Real Thing!”

  1. I used to hear about this all the time from one of my colleagues, especially when she’d drop her son of at nursery and he’d start crying because she had to go to work! I definitely believe its a real thing! But I’m sure Mia thinks you’re doing a great job, lovely! x

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