What’s In The Bag? | Collab With Marie-Céline

So I have been in a complete rut when it comes to blogging, I haven’t had any motivation what so ever and I was completely drained of ideas. So I reached out to a bunch of brilliant bloggers and I will be bringing you some pretty awesome collabs!

Today’s collab is with the talented Marie-Celine and we are doing a ‘whats in my bag’ but our own versions – I am doing ‘whats in my makeup bag’ and she is doing a craft version. Please go and check her post out she is amazing and so talented! https://marieceline.co.uk/essential-papercraft-tools

My makeup bag literally just has my essentials – I get up at 4:45am and have 15 minutes to leave the house because I like my sleep too much to get up any earlier! This means I have to do my makeup at work so my makeup bag is well packed.
So because wordpress hates me, I cant swap the images round which means we are starting with eyebrows and eyelashes first – I am currently obsessing over the Total Temptations mascara by Maybelline, it is the perfect consistency, lengthens and volumizes, its just brilliant!

I also have used the maybelline Total Temptations eyebrow pencil for the longest time, it is shaped like Benefits goof proof brow pencil but this product has lasted me so long! normally I go through eyebrow pencils in a matter of months but this is rocking on 6 months and still going strong – I pair this with the stay don’t stray eyebrow gel by Benefit and it gives me such a natural brow.

I am loving the Zoeva brow brightening pencil, I actually use this for small area highlighting such as the tip of my nose, cupids bow, inner corner, waterline and brow bone, its perfect and doesn’t budge!

Now for my base! As Meghan Trainor would say ‘I’m all about that bass!’

Anyway moving on… I have been using this Max Factor foundation for a little while now and I love it, I stopped wearing foundation for a long time because I just couldn’t be bothered but getting back into it and starting with this has made me realise why I made the effort back in the day. I cannot find this product anywhere on super drugs website though which is worrying!

Collection 2000 concealer, name someone who doesn’t love this… go ahead, I will give you a minute. I go through so many tubes of this stuff because its just such a beautiful, medium coverage concealer which matches my skin tone beautifully!

MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation – this stuff! This is probably my favourite product on the planet, I use this without anything else on my face to cover my dark circles (yes it really does!) or I use it to set my foundation and whichever way I use it, its flipping gorgeous! The bronzer is new to my life, I was using Benefit Hula but ran out! So I found this on fragrance direct which is cheap as chips and thats what I have been using and kind of loving.

My Makeup Geek pallet is something I won’t go anywhere without – I love the natural eyeshadow colours (as you can tell, as I have hit pan!), I also have my blush in here and my highlight (the almost empty one). The highlight is Shimma Shimma and this is my second one, I need a new one I just love it!

I hope you enjoyed this collab and please go and check out Marie’s post!
Emm xoxo

15 Replies to “What’s In The Bag? | Collab With Marie-Céline”

  1. Thanks so much for doing this collab with me 🙂
    I used to have to get up at that time too and I completely understand that there’s no time to do your makeup at home. I’m so slow when I wake up!
    My make up bag (when I wore makeup) was just some powder, mascara and lip gloss. Everything has come a long way since then. Mx

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  2. No no thank you!
    Haha it’s awful isn’t it but like you said it’s come a long way, I used to get up an hour earlier to do my makeup when I started at 8, now not a chance!


  3. My make-up bag is pretty empty compared to yours haha. I wouldn’t be able to get up 15 minutes before leaving for work, I’d be so stressed and unprepared, I usually give myself an hour, so I give myself around 20 minutes to do my make up. Although when I do have early starts where I have to get up for 5am I struggle with doing my make up!

    Chloe xx

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  4. I prepare everything the night before and have a proper routine so that I don’t panic and just flow through my routine ahha x


  5. My make up bag is probably somewhere in between, but then I have the makeup holder- which is stuffed full! And I have other stuff in a drawer ha ha. I do tend to wear the same lipsticks and eyeshadows though so no idea why I have all this stuff 😀 Wow, you have to get up early!!

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  6. Yeah I have a carry case for my makeup kit which is packed! And then I have a small like desk top set of drawers full too 😅🙈 I used to collect makeup but after moving twice I only have like a quarter left!


  7. Some really great products here, Emm! Though I feel like I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t get on with Collection Lasting Perfection concealer! Props to you for doing such a routine when you’re getting up so early though, I would definitely just roll out of bed if I was up at that time! xx

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