Mom Q&A | Talk Tuesday

So for the second Talk Tuesday I have been asked a bunch of questions about being a mom in honour of upcoming Mothers Day!
This is such an exciting one for me because I absolutely love being a mom and I know everyones mommying experience is different so if you are a fellow mommy then please feel free to answer these questions yourself!

Q1. What was your biggest fear before having Mia?
My biggest fear was not being a good mom. I am not patient, I lose my temper quickly, I struggled to bond with her when she was in my tummy. I also have never really got along with children either and have always been horrible with babies but people kept telling me it would be different with my own (spoiler alert… it was!).

Q2. What is your biggest fear since having Mia?
I fear everything since having her, I fear the most ridiculous and out there. I have such bad PPA and it makes me fear everything. I am mostly scared of letting her down though, I never ever want to let her down.

Q3. What was your idea of a fun day out before Mia?
I loved going for a coffee, look round the shops, casual stroll and window shopping. I have always been quite a hermit and didn’t really go out much anyway.

Q4. What is your idea of a fun day out since having Mia?
I love taking her to soft play or for coffees with other moms. I also absolutely love taking her to McDonalds because she’s just such a little person and she’s so well behaved!

Q5. Has having Mia changed any of your goals/dream?
Absolutely! I don’t have specific goals that have changed but my outlook on life has changed drastically.

Q6. If you could give your 15 year old self what would it be?
There are some things in life that just matter so much more! Don’t cry and stress over crap because one day someone is going to need you to be the strongest version of yourself ever so you need to prepare for that! Also work on handling your money better kid, you suck!

Q7. How has having Mia changed you as a person?
I am so much more patient, caring, empathetic, so much more! I try and help other struggling moms, I make worry about rashes and whether she has the right blanket instead of makeup and clothes. I find myself putting me last in every scenario because she comes first. I can cut people off so much easier and I am super wary about who I let in because they will be in her life too and I don’t want anyone hurting her by coming in and out of her life.

Q8. Do you view other moms differently?
Oh wow yes! I used to get annoyed if I heard a baby crying or a kid kicking off… not now! I try and help where I can because I know how horrible it is when its your kid doing it, I respect every single mom out there (except mom shaming moms, you suck) because I know how bloody hard it is. Breastfeeding or bottle feeding, natural birth or C section, store nappies or cloth nappies, BLW or purees… I respect you all.

Q9. How do you get me time?
Mia goes to sleep around 7pm so I get a little me time after then, I usually watch a film, take a bath or play on my phone, sometimes I sleep early but I try not to do that because I need that me time. I have also dedicated myself to a strict skin care regime which is my little routine version of me time every single night.

Q10. What advice would you give expecting mothers?
I would tell them that it is possibly one of the hardest things I have ever done in my entire life. It isn’t easy but then again, nothing actually worth anything in life is easy. You will have days where you hate yourself, you hate your body and you just want a break but I promise with every bad day comes 10 good ones, with every sleepless night comes 10 cuddles and kisses, for every poopy nappy comes 10 giggles… it is so worth it!

I hope this was fun to read and you got to know a little bit more about the way I view motherhood.

Emm xoxo

2 thoughts on “Mom Q&A | Talk Tuesday

  1. allthingsalexx says:

    What a lovely Talk Tuesday Post! It’s so nice especially with Mother’s Day coming up, I hope this really helped and inspired other mothers out there!
    Alex x

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