Personal Questions | Collab With Ami Tricker

So we are back with another collab – this one is a little different to the normal collabs I do and that is because the lovely Ami wanted to ask me some questions to get to know me a little better. So lets jump right in…

Q1. Congratulations on your degree! What exactly does ‘Specialist Hair and Media Makeup’ entail?
This was basically a course for special effect makeup such as turning people into characters and also special effects like gore, the hair portion was a basic level of hairdressing and barbering and then it develops into styles through the years, working with wigs, making wigs and styling for photography and film.

Q2. What inspired you to pursue this?
I have wanted to be a makeup artist for as long as I can remember but didn’t quite know how to go about doing it or what path to take, I wanted to work for film and theatre because its so creative and magical to me.

Q3. What is your favourite aspect of this niche?
The creativity by far, allowing yourself to be completely creatively free and having a different style to someone else but instead of being ridiculed for it, you learn from each other – its amazing!

Q4. Least Favourite?
The competition, some artists see everything as a competition and I am really not like that at all, I’d rather lift people up and support them rather than compete.

Q5. How do you gain experience in Specialist Hair and Media Makeup?
I have always been told its who you know and not what you know, if you want to be a makeup artist in a film, get in with a young aspiring director, befriend them and they tend to take the same team of people everywhere with them, then as they progress, you progress and move on and get recognised for your work by other teams and directors.

Q6. Which decade do you think had the best sense of style?
I’d have to say the 20s, I love their dresses, their hairstyles, the makeup – Everything!

Q7. What advice would you give to someone who is keen to pursue this as a career?
I would tell them to keep developing their skills, keep practicing and putting yourself out there because I took a back seat for 3 years and now I am finding that I have such little confidence in my skills.

Q8. Is it difficult to find work whilst raising a toddler?
I work a part time job in admin so I always have a stable cash flow but I am trying to do appointments on the side – it is difficult to plan them around her schedule and her bedtime and stuff but I am trying and we will figure out what works.

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