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So I decided to start a little monthly series based on people who inspire me. I have been seriously lacking inspiration and motivation lately which you can probably tell by looking at my lack of posting SO, to combat this I thought what better way than to interview some of my main inspirations in life – they range from family, every day personal life people to online friends and fellow bloggers.

My first post goes to an incredible blogger who inspires me on a daily basis, I make a point of checking her social media every day because I can guarantee she has shared/said something that will instantly make me smile and think I can take on ANYTHING!

So I began by asking Lav to introduce herself to you and to also let me in on a secret of whether or not she likes her name (just something I wonder about everybody!) –
My name is Lav. Nickname for Laura. I actually love my real name (Laura) after hating it for some time, but I think Lav is a cute nickname. I’ve never met a Lav before! I like its uniqueness and the way it sounds.

I then asked what a typical morning is like for her because surely I need to take something from that and incorporate it into my own to get her level of confidence and motivation –
A typical morning is probably waking up an hour before I need to… Lying in bed for about 45 minutes, getting ready and then rushing out of the door (because I always make myself late) and heading to work or the gym. Occasionally I will be tempted by a Greggs steak bake or sausage roll…

I wanted to know if Lav had any secrets to keeping her mindset on track and this is what she told me –
Every day I take time to appreciate my surroundings and I make sure I think about what I’m grateful for. Most days it works, but there’s always the bad days which are natural, too.

I wanted to know where Lav gathered her inspiration from and she said –
I get my inspiration from people and nature.

Lav is relatively popular in the blogging community and always has something amazing and creative going on so I wanted to know just how long she had been blogging for –
I’ve been working on my blog content for around 7 months now!

Something I was dying to know was how Lav built her confidence, her favourite thing about herself and how she has learnt to love herself as she portrays online –
I haven’t, but I’ve learned that you’re not going to be everyone’s juicy peach but that doesn’t mean that you’re not a damn juicy peach.
My favourite thing is probably my passion for making people feel welcome and accepted.

I asked Lav for 3 tips she would give someone (me) looking to boost themselves in the right direction –
Make sure that you don’t ultimately sacrifice happiness for success.
There is more than 1 right direction, don’t beat yourself up because something didn’t go to plan.
Make sure you spend time learning whatever you can, Your time will come when it comes, enjoy the process of getting there.

Lastly I wanted to know who Lav’s inspiration is –
I admire a lot of people but I don’t aspire to be like anyone in particular. I think a lot of characteristics in a lot of people are very inspiring and admirable.

Massive shout out to Lav for allowing me to take a poke and prod at her and for being 100% her. You can find her at any of the following;
Twitter –
Instagram –
Blog –

Emm xoxo

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  1. Lav is the best! This is really awesome and I love this idea for a series! I’ve been lacking in motivation so this is awesome to read and see what you did to get your mojo back!

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