Copy Cat Fragrances AD

Hello hello hello, its been a while I know but I thought I would let you about about a handy website I found recently that I think would benefit a lot of you out there!

I know with the summer time coming up my calendar is FILLED with ‘so-n-so’s birthday’ and I bet yours is too, presents can be tough when you have 3-4 people to buy for each month and finding new and different things each time is just stressful and a pain…. Welcome – this website is a god send, I love getting people perfume/after shave for this birthday because its something they will use and something they wouldn’t have necessarily bought themselves, its a bonus if you know what scent they already wear or a couple they like.

I know fathers day is coming up too! For me, I normally get my dad ‘grandad’ stuff now but always forget about the ‘dad’ stuff for him, this is such a perfect gift and it will not break the bank. Whether your dad wears his smelly every weekend or maybe 2-3 times a year on special occasions it doesn’t matter because the prices on this website are so brilliant you won’t care whether it gets used in months or years.

Screenshot 2019-06-03 at 19.18.58What copycat fragrances is – its basically  a website that gives you replica perfumes/aftershaves for a fraction of the price, this is because 1. they aren’t the actual scent although you will be incredibly shocked by how spot on they are! 2. they do not use fancy, eye catching packaging, their packaging is plain, simple and just has the name and ‘copycat’ on the front of the bottle. If you are someone who collects perfumes for their bottles then unfortunately this one isn’t for you but if you genuinely love a scent but cannot afford £80 every few months when you run out (ME!) then this is such an incredible website that will save you so much!

At the moment they have way more for men on their website than women (bare with them they are new!) but they have such amazing reviews I highly recommend you going onto their website, checking them out and reading some of the reviews for yourself! Not to mention they have free delivery on all orders in the UK!

Emm xoxo

Disclaimer: I have been paid a small fee to write this post on behalf of Copy Cat Fragrances.

3 Replies to “Copy Cat Fragrances AD”

  1. I’m not too sure to be honest, I normally only ever wear 1 perfume otherwise it’s body spray but they don’t do my one yet, I’m keeping my eye out for it though!


  2. Im totally okay with copycat fragrances, I’d be broke if I went after all the authentic perfumes I want!! Will check this out, thanks Emm!

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