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Good evening lovely, todays post is all about an incredible baby bottle with an award winning patented design which has helped woman up and down the country have the flexibility to breastfeed and bottle feed as they feel necessary.

Let me start by saying that I really wish I could have breastfed, I did try but it wasn’t for me in the end I was beginning to worry that Mia wasn’t getting enough milk to sustain her growth – if I would have known about this bottle then I definitely would have given it a go and given her milk in-between trying to breastfeed to see if that would have helped (she struggled latching too!).

So let me tell you a bit about the bottle;
disclaimer: all information was taken from their website which you can see at https://minbie.co.uk 

Minbie prides itself on their passion to protect and nurtures babies natural breastfeeding ability and the patented teat achieves this with a unique design that allows your baby to latch and feed correctly, helping to prevent a weak latch and lazy feeding.

The way the teat is shaped prevents ‘nipple confusion’ meaning baby won’t struggle to latch on to your nipple after having a feed from the bottle because they will feel almost identical to them. The shape also helps the baby control their feed which is proven to prevent reflux and colic by directing air away from the milk!
Minbie Game-changer
You probably didn’t know that the generic teats actually teach babies to feed different which means if you tried alternating between breast and bottle feeding it wouldn’t work because baby would notice there was too much difference in the shape of the teat/nipple – hence the Minbie shape focusing mainly on a design that would prevent that from happening.

So many moms have had amazing experiences with these bottles including Annie and Corinne who’s videos you can watch below. I think reading reviews, watching videos from people who have tried, tested and loved the item is such a brilliant way of making the best decision for both you and your baby. I know I have a lot of mommy readers, some with babies, some pregnant, some first time moms still unsure what they are doing and I just want to help all of you out the best that I can, providing you with information and source to go and research.
Annie – https://vimeo.com/297321051
Corinne – https://vimeo.com/298647874

Minbie pic

I haven’t had the chance to try Minbie myself because Mia is 18 months old and there are no babies on the horizon but I just love giving new moms/pregnant ladies information they may not have found else where. I know it is so overwhelming sifting through ALLLL the information you get bombarded with when you are expecting a baby so this is just a light read, a bit of a ‘hey did you know about this cool item’.

Thanks for reading and I hope you learnt something or have at least taken the time to visit their website or watch the mom’s videos above, they are so good!

Emm xo

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