Monday Morning Moments | Beginning

This post is a little bit different because I just wanted to test something out. I am sat with Mia on the sofa watching Moana, have been here since 6:30am and I’m quite tired!

I wanted to start actually using the ‘blog from your phone’ part to the WordPress app so I thought I’d share my thoughts in a post like this on a Monday morning.
For anyone curious – I don’t work Mondays. I work part time (Tuesday – Friday) in an office/warehouse but I take Monday’s to spend extra time with my baby considering she is growing up so quickly!

I thought these posts could be about absolutely anything, if I have something specific on my mind that morning or if I’ve read something in the news I feel the need to chime in on… anything!

One of the main things on my mind this morning is food, I am bloomin starving and I’ll tell you why. I have been focusing on being ‘healthier’ and change my lifestyle and by that I mean exercising properly and not spending 80% of my day snacking on crap haha.
So what I have found happens for me is I will eat 3 healthy meals per day, sometimes I will snack on fruit or nuts but most the time I don’t and then because I’ve eaten such a good meal of an evening, when I wake up I’m starving!

The one thing I do allow myself is something sweet after dinner (fruit doesn’t cut it!), I normally eat something I call bark which you can find on my instagram – I don’t eat a lot of it but it’s just something that really helps me curb that sweet craving that always makes me give up and binge.

So I am off to get little miss her breakfast and myself some yummy porridge!
Hopefully next weeks post will have a little more substance and I will have something I really want to talk about!

Enjoy your Monday morning loves and coffee is completely acceptable all day!

Emm xoxo

8 thoughts on “Monday Morning Moments | Beginning

  1. Chloe Jane says:

    I kind of want to have a go at blogging from my phone as well. I always get worried about how it’ll come out on the blog though so I’ve always written them on my laptop!

    Chloe xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Emm says:

    I was worried but now I’m thinking ‘well it’s a good way to get what’s in my head out onto my blog’ because I hardly ever get my laptop out!


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