Monday Morning Moments | Weekend By The Sea

This weekend was a different one – we went and spent the weekend in Tenby, Wales!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

I wish I could attach loads of gorgeous scenery images and pictures of ice creams on the beach but unfortunately I have a toddler who loves YouTube and she killed my battery off before we even arrived!

I have to be completely honest – whilst I was there I felt like a different person. The sea breeze, whether the sun was shining or not, watching the waves, feeling the sand on my feet… it was incredibly therapeutic and I can definitely see why so many people move to the sea side.

I stopped at one moment, away from everyone else (I think they were all looking for something) and I just looked out to sea, watching people on the sand playing with their dogs, not a care in the world and for those few minutes I was genuinely so relaxed and peaceful it was an amazing feeling.

I had such an amazing weekend spending time with Kyran and exploring a new place with him and his family – watching Mia bond with her auntie, uncle, grandad and cousin and be amazed at every little thing she saw – side note she hates sand 😂

I managed to get hold of some pictures from Luke (Instagram – luke_hol) and Chelsea (Instagram- chelseahatton19)

Emm xoxo

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