My Hair Care Routine | AD

I’ve always been overly obsessed with my hair, no idea why but I just feel like when my hair is good, it’s a good day haha anyone else relate?

I have had all kinds of extensions over the years and at one point was working my way through all the hair care products I could get my hands on (for reviewing purposes) BUT… when I had Mia everything changed!

I stopped buying hair care and started buying baby clothes and toys, my hair took a back seat (as well as my general self care!). Since Mia has been born my hair has gone crazy, for a solid year, maybe long, it fell out in handfuls every single day!

Now I am stuck with the weirdest layer of hair that broke off or fell out that is now growing back slowly. I have been following Melissa who is a Top Hairdresser in Manchester and I’ve been getting so much inspiration from her page it’s unreal! I wish I could get to Manchester to have my hair done!

Ok so if you’ve made it this far I apologise for the longwinded story about my hair struggles, now my favourite products at the moment…

L’Oréal Low Shampoo –

I have been using this shampoo for a few weeks now and I am obsessed, I find that using cheap shampoos all the time tends to leave a product build up on my hair and this has been amazing at leaving my hair completely clean and my scalp not irritated!

Garnier Hair Food –

I am obsessed with this hair mask/conditioner! I do a hair mask once a week, maybe once every 2 weeks because I can’t use too much conditioner (it makes my scalp oily) but I also use this as I basic conditioner for every hair wash too and my hair smells and feels incredible! It has bought out all the tones in my hair and I’m just in love!

Once my hair is washed I use two styling products by Schwarzkopf; pro styling heat protection and got2b texturizing salt spray.

I have to use the heat protector because I blow dry and straighten my hair (although I am cutting down on straightening it as often) but this one doesn’t weigh my hair down or leave a horrible film so I have been loving it! It also comes with a trigger spray which I much prefer.

I use the texture spray because my hair is so fine and flat it’s infuriating, I spray this in the air above my head and let it fall onto the top section of my hair, I then throw my head upside down and give 1 spray to the ends (1 spray is enough otherwise my hair in unruly!). I love how much body and life my hair has once I’ve used this, if you have flat hair then I definitely recommend using something like this!

Emm xoxo

This post has a paid sponsorship.

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