It’s Time For Change!

Hello lovelies!

I have been gone for a long time again and so many things have changed in the last few months for me (& everyone else on planet earth emm). I suddenly have so much motivation to just do what makes me happy and to take time for myself even when things go back to normal.
I have come to realise I put way too much pressure on myself for blog posts. I constantly think they need to be PERFECT when actually they just need to me real, honest and 100% me.

My lifestyle has changed dramatically, we have made some major changes at home and are planning to decorate our living room so I really do have lots that I want to share! I am starting to understand that not every post needs perfectly positioned flat lays or glamorous candids (lets be very honest, I couldn’t if I tried) but actually my blog needs content, you need content and I can’t wait to share some of the new and exciting stuff, I have sat in my notes, with you.

Ok so enough of the waffling on, I am hoping to rebrand in the coming weeks and hopefully start posting my new content with my new changes and I am beyond excited (I don’t know if you can tell :D!).

I’d love to know some things you have changed/are hoping to change over the next 5 months to try and make this year salvageable – let me know on my instagram, facebook page or comment section below!

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