Lockdown With FemmeLuxe

Hello hello, hope you are well!
I have been lucky enough to team up with FemmeLuxe Finery who have sent me some lovely bits to show you today.

You will probably have seen a few influencers on Instagram and a few other bloggers mention this brand before and that’s because they do really like to work with our community to get their clothing brand out there to our readers/followers.

I am going to include all the images I have of these pieces, some you may have already seen on Instagram. I will also be including direct links to the items I am wearing in this post and some bonus links at the end of the few co-ord sets that I am obsessed with.

This is their Wine Belted Bodycon
Midi Wrap Dress –

I also just wanted to add that they have some absolutely gorgeous 2 piece sets that I absolutely love! Their loungewear is gorgeous and the majority of their dresses are thick, gorgeous material that makes you feel comfortable and confident. 
I will just add some links below of 2 piece co-ords that I absolutely love!
Orange Tie Dye Crew Neck Co-ord
Khaki Short Sleeve Loungewear Set
Blue Oversized T-Shirt & Cycling Shorts Co-ord

Thank you for reading today! 
Emm xoxo




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